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STEM Course for 6-11 y.o.

Its goal is to make the children interested in learning the natural science and technical disciplines.

Training is conducted according to international complex STEM programs. It consists of 4 levels: Art, Kids 1, Kids 2, Start. Groups are divided by age.

STEM course program

6-11 y.o.


The main goal of our programming courses is by the time of graduation bring the student's qualifications to the level implied for the position of Junior Software Engineer.

Программа состоит из двух уровней:
- IT - Junior
- IT - Senior

IT school course program

12-14 y.o.


The "IT-lyceum" program is designed for children who want to:

- by the time of graduation from high school to bring their qualifications to the level, implied for the position of Junior Software Engineer
- prepare for admission to IT universities for prestigious specialties.

The main course themes
- Mathematics for IT
- IT-specialisation

14-16 y.o.


Click on the link below to view information on Stemlab School

Stemlab School informatione

thousands of graduates
Every year thousands of students graduate from our Center
We deliver relevant knowledge
of branches
We are working anywhere in Belarus offline и online
principal courses
We teach only essential disciplines that are extremely in demand all over the modern world

Our mission is to engage children to study natural science and technical disciplines.
So, we inspire our students to experience the full diversity of mathematics, sciences, and other school subjects.

  • Open Day

    You haven't been to STEMlab?
    This is just the time to visit us!

    On 5th February, Stemlab hosts an open day. Admission is free by pre-registration.

    Children may expect:
    - a variety of exciting master classes...
    - Yummy tasties and great fun!

    The parents might:
    - take part in the presentation ...

  • The results of entrance exams to the IT Lyceum (21/22 academic year)

    Dear applicants! Exam results for all branches are available here below. The minimum passing score at Stemlab IT Lyceum is 30 points. If it so happened that your score was below the passing - don't get too upset! You you can go to our other course "IT-school".
    If you score above the passing, in Monday we are waiting for you in our offices to conclude training contracts! :)

    View the results
  • IT olympiad
    for children aged 12-14

    On December 5, the internal stage of the IT Olympiad took place.
    At the final stage, the children were offered 5 tasks and two hours to solve them. 7 people made it to the final stage.
    All participants of this stage were awarded certificates and memorable souvenirs from STEMLAB.
    Today the organizing committee checks the work.

    Summing up and awarding prizes will take place on December 17 17.30.

    view the Results

Our teachers

  • Преподаватель кружка
  • Преподаватель техническото творчества
  • Преподаватель программирования для детей
  • Преподаватель занимательной наука
  • Учитель математики
  • Учитель программирования
  • Учитель информатики
  • Учим детей программированию
  • Преподаватель курсов программирования
  • Программируем вместе
Liubou Krylova

Кружок по математике и программированию для развития детейEducation: Belarusian State University, PhD (in physics)

Записать ребенка на интерсынй кружок проще простого!Disciplines: science, physics, math, tutoring for Cisco Academy certification
Expirience: 17 year

Подготовительные курсы для школьников по программированию, математике и науке в Минске Гродно Борисове Бресте Барановичах Favorite quote: "If you can't explain something to a first year student, then you haven't really understood." Richard P. Feynman

Nino Zoidze

Курсы для девочекEducation:Batumi State Pedagogical Institut, BA degree

На какие курсы записать девочку подростка точно знают в СтемлабDisciplines: gymnastics, kids tutor

Дети с удовольствием посещают наши занятия наукойFavorite quote: «Know how to love not in words, but sincerely and from the heart»

Evelina Aslanyan

Интересный кружок для детейEducation: Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University, BA degree

Интересный кружок для ребенка Disciplines: english lessons
Expirience: 11 year

Курсы по математикеFavorite quote: "What cannot be, one day it can be."

Megi Datunaishvili

Все кружки и курсы в Стемлаб ведут только опытные преподаватели-практики Educational:Shota Rustaveli University in Batumi, Georgian phylology, BA degree
TBRL Abuseridze University, Master degree

Записать ребенка на интерсынй кружок проще простого!Disciplines: georgian lessons

Подготовительные курсы для школьников по программированию, математике и науке в Минске Гродно Борисове Бресте Барановичах Favorite quote: If you can't explain something to a first year student, then you haven't really understood. Richard P. Feynman (physicist)

Liana Seidishvili

Курсы программиста для детей - это актуально, интересно и с пользой для школы Education:Batumi State University, philological sciences, Master degree

Школа программистов для детей - это интересный старт ребенка в будущую профессию Disciplines: teacher of elementary grades
Experience: 26 years

Ваш ребенок хочет стать программистом? Приводите его в Стемлаб! Favorite quote:"We speak with you in different languages, as always, but the things we talk about do not change from this" M. Bulgakov

Elena Sikirina

Дети программисты - это реально Education:Slavic Pedagogical Institute, BA degree

Ребенок математик это крутоDisciplines: math, after school classes
Experience: 17 years

Математика для детей должна быть интереснойFavorite quote: “Children are the flowers of life and the meaning of life.”

Dmitriy Nenyuk

Подготовка ребенка к школе включает в себя математику, программирование, занимательную науку и творчество Education:Moscow Polytechnic University, Master degree

Занятия математикой в кружках развивают детейDisciplines: science, programming
Experience: 7 years

Скачайте программу Стемлаб подготовки детей к школе по математике Favorite quote:"Among them, no one knew exactly what happiness is and what exactly is the meaning of life. And they accepted the working hypothesis that happiness is in the continuous knowledge of the unknown, and the meaning of life is the same."

Elena Levina

Подготовка детей к школе особенна важна в 6 летEducation:Belarusian State University, BA degree

Наука и технологии для детей интересно и с пользойDisciplines: STEM, math, physics
Expirience: 9 year
Curricula author, methodist

Детской дошкольное образование востребовано в современном миреFavorite quote: "The world is neither white nor black, it is - as you want!"

Yulia Leonik

Гармоничное детское развитие - это главная задача курсов в СтемлабEducation: Belarusian State University, Master degree

В воспитании детей ключевую роль играет наукаDisciplines: STEM, math, physics
Expirience: 9 year
Curricula author, methodist

В конце семестра ребята представляют свои проекты по теме Наука глазами детей Favorite quote:“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Oscar Wilde

Antanina Liakisheva

Робототехника развивает у детей мелкую моторикуEducation: Belarusian State University, Faculty of Journalism, BA degree

branch manager

Кружок робототехники для детей есть в СтемлабFavorite quote: “New knowledge is the most valuable thing in the world. The more truths we discover, the richer we become.” Kurt Vonnegut

Feedback from our students and their parents

  • Anthony Glinistiy

    2021 г.

    I want to thank the teacher of physics Krylova Liubov Georgievna for the high quality of her work. Thanks to classes with her, I passed the centralized testing with 96 points. and went where I wanted.
  • Marina


    Wonderful school!!! Found it by accident, but right on target... Daughter (7 years) are delighted with the spring break organized by Stemlab! She is already asking to be recorded on summer holidays, and English courses. I personally liked...
  • Vitaliy Tkachenko

    2020 г.

    Not cheap, but great. The right combination of activities and entertainment. Child in delight. In the morning he runs and asks to pick him up later.
  • Hermolizky Maxim

    2021 г.

    I want to thank Stemlab teachers Lyubov Georgievna and Yulia Nikolaevna, for the knowledge gained. Thanks to your professionalism and efforts, I entered the Lyceum of BSU...
  • Anna Pavlova

    2021 г.

    Great camp, highly recommended! My 8 year old daughter had a great time! Every day is different from the previous one, interesting and eventful. The organization of food and movement of children is nice ...
  • Katherine Lazarevich

    2020 г.

    Our daughter has studied in the STEMlab for 5 years. Attended robotics courses, even won the national competition! She studied physics, math, visited camps and graduated from the IT-school. This experience was great and a good start...
  • Super Sqirrel

    2020 г.

    I've been studying at Stemlab for 3 years now. IT school course. Previously the classes were mostly based offline, this year the last months have moved online. All good. The coolest teachers Igor Andreevich and Vladimir Valerievich!
  • Katerina Brave

    2020 г.

    Hi all! The camp on vacation turned out to be beyond praise and better than all expectations! The program is rich, the child spent a lot of time in the fresh air, traveled by transport city, interesting excursions...
  • DimaTi Titov

    2020 г.

    We really enjoyed Stemlab! From the first minutes. Good-natured and affable the team immediately disposes OF peace to the mind of my child ...
  • Katherine Jasinskaya

    2020 г.

    I want to thank Stemlab for the interest, pleasure and desire to go to courses and visit the city camp...
  • Veranika Ihnasheva

    2019 г.

    The child really enjoyed the camp during the winter holidays. Program saturated, developing, never been bored ...
  • Natasha Kostina

    2020 г.

    Now there are a lot of schools that offer to make a programmer out of a child ... I liked these guys right away. But what difference does it make if I like them or not? The kid liked them!
  • Anatoly Denisovich

    2020 г.

    My son has been studying at Stemlab for the second year. I, and most importantly my son likes that the teachers are very friendly and always help their students...
  • Nika Prokopenko

    2019 г.

    In this place, I was prepared for the CT, so much so that I entered where I wanted to go for a long time! Of course, hard work is required to pass the CT with a high score, but also wonderful teachers who explain everything clearly and accessible to everyone, which you will find here!...
  • Blet

    2020 г.

    I like everything and advise everyone!!? I put 4 stars because it’s far from home, and so the teachers explain everything clearly.

Why do children need STEM education?
We as parents ourselves wonder every day how to make our kids routine on one hand interesting and beneficial for school, and on the other - fun-filled.
The answer is so simple! Just let your kid be engaged not only in a fun activity, but in a perspective one as well! But how to choose the right course and the right early childhood learning center?

Children’s educational center STEMlab is the first STEM-center that was opened in Belarus. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. On the whole, our courses mainly focus on getting kids of different ages acquainted with modern science, relevant engineering and IT-technologies as well as math. With the benefit of our classes children will begin to understand why learning math, science and other school subjects are so required on the working path of an IT-specialist and an engineer.


We have two principal educational programs: STEM courses (for 6-12 y.o.) and IT-school (for 12-16 y.o. teens). Within the program of STEM courses framework programming, robotics, math and science classes are held. The IT-school course includes programming classes only. We draw your attention to the fact that the classes in STEMlab school cannot be considered as a replacement of regular school ICT, math and science classes, they serve just to enrich and complete children’s knowledge!

All the programs that our educational center offers are authoring products: they are developed not only by high-skilled STEMlab teachers, but by University lecturers and representatives of different Belarusian IT-companies as well. Teaching staff of each branch (Batmi, Minsk, Grodno, Baranovichi) is a team of the best specialists in their field, who are always ready to give a hand with learning programming from scratch, better understanding robotics, and doing sums by making learning process encouraging and fun. What will children learn from our courses?

    In practice kids:
  • - will experience the presence of the interconnection between programming and other areas of knowledge (math and physics for example)

  • - will accomplish their own ICT, programming, robotics and scientific projects under the supervision of our high-skilled teachers

  • - will present their awesome projects to parents at the end of each term

  • - will receive a certificate from Educational Center STEMlab with a description of all the technologies that were acquired

  • - will obtain an opportunity to pass a proficiency exam for Cisco Academy certificate


Single telephone number:

+995 558 32 04 76

Our working hours:

from 10 a.m to 7 p.m